Advocacy and Lobbying

Participation in advocacy spaces has been one of the priorities expressed within the women’s forum. AWIF is committed to facilitate and enable effective political, social and economic participation for the empowerment of women's organisation through four strategies


  • Advocacy at international and regional spaces for positioning grassroots women’s perspectives.
    • Investigate localization and tracking of indicators that bring together frameworks such as CEDAW, the BPfA and commitments to SDGs
    • Contribute to awareness of specific laws and policies within each country that address women’s rights and empowerment
    • Localised and implement community tailored programs that will increase chances of achieving SDGs
  • Monitoring compliance with international agreements on the rights of African women globally.
  • Strengthening and coordination of African omen’s grassroots networks and their partnerships with other social movements.
  • Visibility of grassroots women’s organisation leadership in key areas of participation.