Membership Policy

By joining AWIF, you can contribute to strengthening women’s rights movements and organisations by helping to drive transformative change for human rights, gender justice and environmental sustainability worldwide. Join the conversation and stay connected with the community and ways to get involved with the forum.

AWIF has three types of memberships.

Individual member is almost all women from high rank to house wives. They are Member of young women, students, women activists, women activist at grassroots level and house wives.

The second type of member is NGOs. Only those NGOS have the right to be member of the forum whom are registered and working for the right of women and human rights.

Criteria of getting individual membership

  • All individual members must be women
  • All individual members must be committed to the work of promoting and protecting women and children rights.
  • All individual members of the Forum should not misuse the name of the Forum address to use for personal benefit.
  • Those individual members who have included political parties are the right candidate for membership of the Executive and Advisory Board.

Criteria for NGOs Membership

  • Organizations dealing with women’s rights issues at national, sub-regional and regional levels, and in the diaspora.
  • All member organizations must be registered in their countries
  • All member agencies have formal occasions to represent the forum.
  • All member organizations must obey the principles and statutes of the forum.
  • All members have a voice in defence of women's rights.
  • All member organizations and individual members of the forum must pay their annual fees.
  • All member organizations and individual members are obliged to follow to complete the registration process.

Membership and Registration Process.

  • For joining the membership of this forum those who have mentioned criteria can join the forum and can come across the form from the AWIF Head Office or AWIF website.
  • Registration must be completed according to the instructions form of all sectors

Membership is renewable each year at the following rates:

  • International/regional organizations: USD200
  • Sub-regional organizations: USD150
  • National organizations: USD100
  • Individuals: USD50 (associate membership only)

Organization Member Benefits

  • Profiling of member organizations in AWIF's publications and other information tools. Members receive on regular basis copies of various publications published by AWIF
  • AWIF works closely with member organizations in the advocacy of regional, sub- regional and national based campaigns that seek to promote women’s rights and gender equality issues;
  • Members receive quarterly updates and information on women, gender and development issues in Africa through our quarterly Electronic Bulletin;
  • Shares information on training, capacity building and resource mobilisation opportunities. In supporting members in their fundraising efforts
  • Member organisations have the opportunity to host and co-ordinate AWIF events in their respective countries;
  • Representatives of member organisations that are fully paid-up have voting rights in AWIF General Assembly;
  • AWIF engages in capacity building for member organisations, for example participating in educational visits and personnel exchange programmes;

Individual Member Benefits

  • Quarterly membership newsletter keeping you up to date on AWIF news and events
  • Discounted member rates to attend the AWIF International Forum
  • Opportunity to nominate AWIF Board members and vote for their election.
  • Opportunity to make links with diverse women and organizations working towards women’s rights and sustainable development around the world
  • Participate in the Critical Thinking Annual Dialogue to debate critical issues around women’s rights and development and set priorities for the Forum
  • Receive motivational and inspiring news from other Forum members on best practices and break-through initiatives that are transforming the lives of women in different parts of Africa;
  • Contribute articles to AWIF's programmes
  • Receive regular update on women, gender and development issues in Africa;

Below are links of AWIF's membership forms: